Clothing Line Giveaway Winners Announced March 8, 2019

giveaways Feb 10, 2019


Thank you all for watching us live or on the replay as we announced the winners to the $1,500 Clothing Line Giveaway.! 

As promised here are the rewards everyone who participated unlocked:

From Let's Print LA

  • 20% Off Your First Order + assistance in printing your brand.
  • They will be in contact with you over email, you can also reach out to them directly through their website or Instagram. Mention the Clothing Line Giveaway to redeem this special offer.

From The Ground Up Academy

  • Full access and membership to the Starting A Clothing Line Master Course, an online academy, with over 15HRS of video training (taking you from A-Z in launching and growing your brand. ie. building a team, design, sourcing, manufacturing, ecommerce, marketing, sales)
  • Access to a private online community where we work together and get on video calls once a month to cover topics and help with your brands specific questions. 
  • Normally priced at $497. Everyone that participated in the giveaway get's $150 off. Use Code: GIVEAWAY at checkout to redeem. Join today and look forward to working with you: Access Here
  • Send me your questions or inquiries in an INSTAGRAM message or respond to any of my emails. 


Grand Prize Winners:

1st Place: Pedro Deleon from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 

2nd Place: Tiffany Atkins from Kansas Ave, NW




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