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Access the T-Shirt Launch Course and learn how to start your shirt brand in minutes.

Apparel Master Course

Creating a Cut N Sew apparel brand shouldn't be complicated or costly. With our Apparel Master Course you'll be able to design your own collections, create your samples and successfully mass produce your products. Best of all we show you how to establish your business the right way. Our no fluff 35+ video guides will show you everything you need to start with a small budget.

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Learn & Get Connected

Through our private community we answer any question you have during your entrepreneurial journey. Best of all we connect you to the suppliers and resources you need to grow! Choose from a variety of suppliers and get your order started.

Monthly Training Calls

Gain access to us monthly through the Academy training calls and private Q&A. Our training calls are designed to supplement your business by bringing you actionable strategies, tools and resources. You never know who will join our calls as we frequently feature industry experts in design, marketing, manufacturing and much more.

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Legitimize Your Business

Step x Step walkthrough and PDF’s on everything you need to make your business LEGIT. This includes Trademarks, LLC, Contracts, Taxes, Accounting, Contracting, navigating business deals and much more.

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Navigate Apparel Manufacturing

We show you how to take your idea and create a full fledged cut n sew apparel brand. From sourcing with suppliers, communicating with manufacturers and designers. Start a global brand and reduce your risk of failure.

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Launch & Grow Your Brand

Regardless of whether you are in the idea stage or ready for production, we show you how to raise money for your designs and launch a campaign that will sell products.


John Santos

Entrepreneur & Founder

With a passion for entrepreneurship and years of experience in apparel production, John set out to help the world start their own brands. For years the apparel industry was a secret and the only way to learn it was by doing it on your own and failing over and over again. With hard lessons learned, years spent building a brand that reached millions of people and creating a network of suppliers and contacts, he launched a YouTube channel to change the apparel industry. Today that channel has grown to over 100,000 subscribers and started thousands of brands. The Ground Up Academy is his passion project and the goal is to help millions more build something real for themselves and make an impact in their communities. We do it through education, community and connection- helping you build your vision From The Ground Up.

-We look forward to building with you.

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 The Academy Master Course has 8 modules with 35 video trainings to walk you through your entire business and begin developing custom products all over the world. Here are some of the topics we cover in depth:

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Legitimizing Your Business

A NO-FLUFF Business 101 class for apparel entrepreneurs that will save your brand. We dive into what you need to legitimize your business. From contracts, trademarks, business partnership and much more. 

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Success With Cut N Sew

Cut N Sew can be expensive if you don't know how to navigate it. Learn how to successfully make your line right the first time. 

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Designing For Cut N Sew

Learn how to make the tech packs you need and how to work with artists to enhance your brands design.

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Sourcing For Production

Understanding the numbers with production is critical for your business. Access worksheets to help manage costs and learn how to negotiate better terms with suppliers. 

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Navigating Mass Production

The wrong terms in an order can make the difference between being protected and losing thousands of dollars. Understand how to best communicate with suppliers and protect your orders with- payment terms, warranties and refunds.

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eCommerce and Product Launch

Working strategies to successfully launch your online store and clothing brand with little money.

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Promoting Your Brand

Leverage social media marketing to generate free traffic and learn how to create the perfect advertising campaign to sell your brand.

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+ Bonus Content

For a limited time access the previous 12 months of Academy training calls which show you how to brand your business, market online, work with small suppliers and much more.


*Joining this academy grants you access to all of the features and benefits.



Top features

  • Immediately access the Business Foundation course to legitimize your business
  • Clothing Line Master Course is delivered to you over 4 weeks time. (follow along and work on your brand)
  • Immediate access to suppliers, resources and worksheets
  • Access to past and future FTGU Training Calls 
  • *No refunds as we deliver immediate value

Brand Builder

$497/ Year

Most Popular

  • Immediately gain access to the entire Clothing Line MasterCourse (all 8 modules and 35 videos)
  • Access to suppliers, resources and worksheets + future updates
  • Access to past and future FTGU Training Calls
  • Private membership group
  • *Backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Save 40% and Get Immediate Access


$1197/ Year

Top features

  • Limited to 5 brands/ year
  • Personal 1-1 Mentorship/ Assistance
  • Academy Access for life
  • Access to all bonuses and future updates.
  • (Program is currently not enrolling)
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