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From the Ground Up

At 19 years old, I was fresh out of high school and launched a backpack company without any knowledge or experience in the industry. My journey as an entrepreneur consisted of many hard lessons, but also many successes. Being featured on, Steve Harvey's Funderdome on ABC, Vegas Inc, the Las Vegas Review Journal, and launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to name a few.

I started my Youtube channel to help others build their brands and navigate the apparel industry. Over the years we have 



The Ground Up Academy

An online course, community & monthly training calls to build your brand and business.

Here's How This Works

Joining the Ground Up Academy grants you access to a library of over 15hrs of detailed content helping you build your brand and business Step x Step. Inside you will have access to information on topics such as submitting your trademarks, structuring your business, cut n sew development, printing, sourcing, branding, marketing, eCommerce and much more. Designed for you to watch and build your business with the worksheets we include.

Every month we bring you up to date information, strategies and insight from experts in the industry. We schedule the calls a few weeks in advance to give everyone the opportunity to join us. You have a chance to submit your questions, and if you're up for it you can join the call, in order for us to review your business. If you’re unable to make it you can always watch the replay.

Everyone in the community is building unique brands and products, and I understand that sometimes you may need suppliers or information that is tailored to your situation. Through the online community you have a chance to make this known, and we will work with you to find and connect you to the right person. We also include a list of suppliers and resources that are vetted and ready for you to start using immediately! This list is updated periodically, and if you need something we don’t have, simply ask and we will get it for you.

Starting a Clothing Line Master Course

If you’re ready to start your business, get started with the right information, community and resources to help you build From The Ground Up.


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